Friday, February 3, 2017

NYC Web Design Process

VinstraWeb Design is an online marketing company based in New York. Our main business is focused on web design and 网站设计, consulting and web hosting. Bringing results for our clients is what we strive for. Whether you are a small business owner, an organization or an individual, we can help establish your presence and keep up to date with the current trend on and off the internet.

We start out by collecting information, it gets you to where you want to join the most effective and efficient way possible. The first, your business research. We look at every aspect of your business, from your stakeholders to your competitors. We will interview by asking questions. We keep everyone focused throughout the entire projects.
Stakeholder interviews
Competitive analysis

Then, your user research. Everything your business does is for your users. we need to know who they are, what’s working and what needs are unsatisfied.
Focus groups
Customer surveys
Persona development
User testing

Armed with our researches, we bring research to life, develop your online story, identify what’s different about you? Why will people want to know about you? Why should people even care? and create a digital strategy that meets your goals and your users.
Generate ideas, brainstorm, and develop concepts and key messages
Develop an overarching content strategy to guide you now and in the future
Create user personas, strategies to meet the needs of different user-types
Maintain brand focus and ensure message consistency

Once everyone involved in your project agrees on a direction, we start exploring ways to get you to your goals. During this phase, we focus on structure and functionality and make sure they support the big picture. it includes,
Generate ideas about integrating your story online
Brainstorm possible information dissemination methods
Information Architecture

We started with mock-ups that flows directly from research completed and framework we built. It’s a natural extension of these processes; it cannot be effectively completed in a vacuum. The design reinforces and enriches the essence of everything your company represents.

After designs are approved, we move forward with the development phase. we’ll help you make decisions that will affect the functionality of your website: empire or lightweight website design? Responsive design? Integrating video? We’ll answer these questions and guide your stakeholders. We keep everyone’s eyes on the prize by creating presentations, mock-ups, and videos that advocate for your vision and keep momentum rolling.

It’s not enough for us to create a website and then leave you to fend for yourself. The launch of your project is just the beginning of a committed, productive collaboration. After your website goes live, we help you continue to grow by monitoring your website’s success, using analytics and testing to measure growth, disseminating your content across appropriate distribution channels (social media and blogs included), and keeping your website healthy.